Link/ What My Son’s Disabilities Taught Me About ‘Having It All’

Shared by April D. Rongero, APIASF Staff

In the article linked above, novelist Marie Myung-Ok Lee shares her personal experiences and thoughts on life, happiness and success. Published on July 30 in The Atlantic, this moving and thoughtful piece — excerpted below — offers a fresh perspective on work-life balance and “having it all” (and inadvertently responds to our last #repSummer prompt!).

When I look at friends and acquaintances, many with perfectly beautiful children and wonderful lives, and see how desperately unhappy or stressed they are about balancing work and family, I think to myself that the solution to many problems is deceptively obvious. We are chasing the wrong things, asking ourselves the wrong questions. It is not, “Can we have it all?” — with “all” being some kind of undefined marker that shall forever be moved upwards out of reach just a little bit with each new blessing. We should ask instead, “Do we have enough?”

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