Welcome to re/present, Joie Chen!

Joie ChenWe’re excited to announce Ms. Joie Chen will be guest blogging on re/present! Ms. Chen is a veteran television journalist, writer and pioneer in branded content communications. During her years as a correspondent for CBS News and CNN, she covered the White House and Capitol Hill, events in 20 states, three Presidential summit meetings, multiple presidential campaigns and other major political events. A long-time anchor at CNN in Atlanta, she covered some of the world’s major events: September 11th, the Olympic Park bombing, the Columbine shootings, conflicts in the Balkans, and many natural disasters. She was the first Asian American to anchor a prime-time news hour on cable television, and while at CBS, she was the only minority female among the 50 most visible network correspondents. In her post-television life she’s been an executive at a major U.S. communications agency and created a content marketing firm called Way Forward Media. She was born and raised in Chicago, and has lived in South Carolina, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Her favorite breakfast is brown rice with fresh fruit, and she likes her lattes with soy milk…no foam.

Ms. Chen joins the list of our other community voices on re/present: Christina Bui, Gretchenrae Callanta, Andrew Hong, Samantha Lambert, Yvette Moy, Don T. Nakanishi, Kawika Riley, Charles Sasaki, and Emil Trinidad. For bios on these community members, click here.

We will be publishing Ms. Chen’s first post with re/present tomorrow, February 26, 2013!

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