Sarah Ha April D. Rongero Phong Luu Mariko Hughes Prema Chaudhari Joo Young Lee Devita Bishundat

This post has been in the works for a while now, and we’re excited to finally share it with you! (By the way, if you would also like to respond to previous prompts, please feel free to do so! You can find them here & here.)

/May 3/ Draw and post a self-portrait (doodles are fine!). What setting are you in and why do you have that expression on your face?

Sarah Ha: “One of the greatest highlights of working on re/present from my office is the opportunity to continually be inspired by you (our Scholars) through your leadership, passion, service to others, and determination to meet your goals in the face of adversity. What keeps me smiling ear to ear are the relationships we build with you and to see how your lived experiences are a source of empowerment to support you in reaching your goals. Now that’s what I call true courage and power!”

April D. Rongero: “Working on re/present in my cubicle is one of my current happy places. I am constantly impressed and humbled by you (our Scholars) — the amazing work you do (personally, in the community, professionally, academically), the leadership roles you take on (e.g., helping out your family, starting your own company, being active on campus, etc.), and the depth and insight you exhibit when examining your AANHPI heritage and/or identity. You can’t tell from my drawing (haha), but I am more than thrilled to be working on a project that helps highlight and empower you!”

Row 1, L-R: Sarah Ha, April D. Rongero

Row 2, L-R: Phong Luu, Mariko Hughes

Row 3, L-R: Prema Chaudhari, Joo Young Lee, Devita Bishundat


By Gao Thao, APIASF/GMS Scholar

Here’s my doodle of the day. Day 3 of the challenge. I really didn’t know what I should I draw for a self-portrait. I can’t draw to save my life…but I can photograph or do collage. It’s a really simple drawing and it’s really symbolic. The lake represents a couple of things. One, it represents Minnesota where I grew up and live in. It also represents what I want to achieve in life. You see, the ocean, the lake, and water -touches all people. My passion is to help people and give them the spirit to live. I want to be like the ocean, spreading myself and reaching everyone. The tree represents my family and my community. Like the roots of a tree, my life is connected to so many other things and to so many other people. I’m holding a heart balloon because I want to share my heart. I want to share myself to people and share what I know. That’s just who I am. I am hoping that by giving away my heart balloon, someone can use it, and then pass it along. And the white area? Well, we’ll see. Maybe someday I can add more into my drawing.

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Maps of Knowing

By Joanna Huang, APIASF Scholar

As an Asian-American, daughter of Chinese immigrants, first generation college student and womyn from a low-income household, my map of knowing and positionality stems from the different ways my identities intersect, overlap and define my existence and state of being. I redrew my map to highlight the regions of California that have had an important significance to my life, places that have influenced me, places that have shaped my experiences and places that are apart of my identity. They include the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego/La Jolla Regions.

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